~Our job is to listen to the needs of the client, collaborate with key stakeholders, take the pulse of the campaign as it progresses, and problem solve along the way in order to create authentic and successful results~


How the world has changed, how awards campaigning has changed, how we’ve changed

  • We are more than a weekly meeting
  • Expertise in handling diverse and inclusive campaigns
  • Tapping into larger cultural moments
  • Crisis management and next level support


Our ground game is our competitive advantage

  • Staff available internationally during awards season with team in LA, NYC, SF and London
  • Personal relationships with voters – not just the same voters as everyone else, but a diverse selection that includes particularly strong alliances with Documentary, Music and Costume branch members.
  • Close relationships with pundits and awards press
  • Collaborative relationships with the guilds and critics’ groups


We all love movies, but our team leaders are specialists, too. 

  • EVENTS.  Expert event curator, Kelly Dalton.  We launched a unique, personalized screening program that yields better turn out ratio and more accurate highly read screening reports than any other in the industry.
  • AWARDS PRESS. Former awards journalist and full-time staff writer, Christy Grosz.   Christy has long time relationships on both sides of the aisle with key press, having launched much of the current awards season editorial coverage.
  • MUSIC. Film music expert, Albert Tello.  We are experts in genres far beyond traditional song and score but have enormous success in those original categories.  Deep relationships with the SCL and film music communities who look to LTLA as an adviser on a year-round basis for strategic music guidance. 


Bespoke campaign strategies that fit the filmmaker’s creative vision

  • Innovative creative advertising ideas tailored to the volatile nature of the awards season.  
  • Strong and supportive relationships with trade publishers and creatives, beyond the usual suspects, including “grandfathered-in” ad and insert positions among other ideas
  • Some past examples include: Filmmaker guest editorships, the Craig’s awards lunch series, KCRW newsletter advertising, LA Press Club “freedom of the press” award, Ru Paul’s Drag Race annual WeHo costume display
  • Unlike a lot of strategists, we don’t just lay out a plan and accomplish it, but we constantly anticipate the day to day changes in the competitive landscape and never stop innovating.

Overall, we offer the most, we really do


•          We’re in, we’re all in.  We help you figure out HOW to support the strategic initiatives from the top down, not just make the suggestions.  

•          We’re on your team, we support you all the way. Think of us as an extension of your team, from top level strategy to on the ground staffing, 24/7.

•          Unlike our competitors, we only work on the films that we love.  

•          Campaigns have evolved.  We have, too.